Best used for itchy scalp from trichotillomania.

Hi my name is Norah, I found out that I suffered from a disorder called Trichotillomania an urge to pull out my hair.
I didn’t know much about it except that I was like 2% of the population.  My scalp felt dry, rough and irritated, and I had bald spots.
One day my hero and grandma created a crème that helped moisturize and soothe my scalp. Because I had bald spots on my head, I ended up with a stylish buzz cut to hide them.  My new growth was cared for with my grandma’s other creations that soon followed. 
Join me in using my grandma’s scalp & hair system the best answer to loving your hair again from Trichotillomania!!


Complete Scalp & Hair Care Line

  • Clean
  • Soothe 

  • Smooth

  • Soften

  • Protect


Hair Detector Selector - Shop by Cut

  • BIG Cut

  • BUZZ Cut

  • BALD Cut


Combo Care Line


CREME-too - Buy A la Carte

  • creamy moisturizer

  • lightly scented

  • flexible uses


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